happy effin friday from the glamour collective.  here's the scoop of the day to make your night that much more...  you may ask yourself or not, what are those girls drinking?  well these girls are having molecular cocktails.  that's right, raspberry caviar topped with champagne.  big props to the enforcer, brewer, favorite teddy bear, and molecular mixologist known around these parts as the reverend jp for concocting the perfect cocktail.   speaking of cocktails... try something new tonight. order one of those crazy craft jobbies we here in dc invented.  this brings me to tip 2.  eats...nothing goes better w craftails than dim sum.  its the perfect portion control food for a friday night on the town.  i highly suggest ping pong, and making a reservation.  did i mention, they make great drinks?  they are won-der-ful. this brings me to my final tip, and this one is for you...treat yourself with a gift of realistic luxury.  buy the overpriced lip gloss you've been wanting, treat yourself to the expensive coffee today, or pamper yourself with  an extra long bath.   have a great friday from all of us here at the glamour collective.  get on the list.