People have visceral reactions to the word Kardashian... There are plenty of good and bad things to say about them. There have been good choices, bad choices and WTF choices. I imagine you could say those things about every family. If we lived under the microscope of celebrity that they have perfected cultivating, the good the bad and the ugly would surely find their way into the picture. That said.. we are loving Kims new BLOB! the Blonde Long Bob (we made that up but we think it will catch on!)

First.. it looks great and so does Kim. the shorter hair for the Mom of a toddler is totally chic and practical, and second, the blond just exemplifies what we love, and some love to hate, about Kim. SHE IS NOT AFRAID to take a RISK. Ok, she might get nervous but she does it anyway, and she usually takes us along via her instagram / twitter acct. Sometimes they work sometimes they don't - but thats the thing, it's hair- it's fashion, it will be different tomorrow anyway. The payoff for not making any drastic changes is what? classisim?  While the big changes spaced out sporadically keep us on the edge of our seats, keep us subscribed to her social media accounts, tuning into the tv shows and JUDGING like the voyeuristic mean girl that is a part of everyones Id. So Bavo Kim! We think it worked out great, and as for the haters, it's like your grandpa said about the weather - "if you dont like it wait 10 min. It will change"